Friday, January 8, 2010

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Fiction is a word I think every one know its meaning “Imaginary” these imagination can be related with any true story. Fiction books contain a broad range of books belonging to a variety of sub – genres many of topic enhanced in it, and it may include novels about mystery, romance, related to history, science and journey or adventure. These books are written on the basis of objective includes confident values and ideology and hence they may containing a social message form the write side. The possibilities are rare that fiction books may deal with real life conditions that are described in an awe-inspiring mode. It also possible these books contain some desire elements it has interesting array of characters. A large number of fiction book include hottest or thrilling topic some thing about “God”, or like “Gone with the Wind”, many of fiction books include works that encapsulate almost multiple topics like themes like the sex abuse scandal and covering the ghost story, but some time it happens that you can relate all the character with real world. The curiosity of the readers still remain until they didn’t complete the reading novel but these books some time habitually carry social messages which are really helpful in understanding the actual value of life. These books also covers horror based stories and it can helpful to understand about the realities of lives and in these kind of novels the characters which are depicted in the novel assist to create the scary environment to rouse the readers for further reading. The structure of these books quite strange and hook the all part relating with each other to make it more interesting the value of fiction books have their own value and there is no competitive of these book because there is no restriction on your imagination but it is necessary that stories grip the readers tightly when they take a start to read it.

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